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Tuition Surcharge


  • When will the tuition surcharge go into effect?  

The change is effective fall semester 2023. Students cannot add credits in excess of 19 until the first day of classes, so they will see the charges appear in their student account after this time.  

  • Does the tuition surcharge over 19credits apply to all students (i.e., Undergraduate, Graduate, Medical, Law School, etc.)? Or does this only apply to undergraduate students?  

 The new credit surcharge only applies to undergraduate students and students enrolled in the integrated undergraduate graduate (IUG) program.   

  • Will the tuition surcharge apply to all semesters? How much will the tuition surcharge cost if I exceed 19 credits or more?  

 Yes, the tuition surcharge will apply to all semesters beginning fall 2023. The tuition surcharge will be charged per credit after 19 credits.  

For summer semester, regardless of the session, a tuition surcharge will apply if the total number of credits exceeds 19 credits. The summer semester includes, but is not limited to, Maymester, First 6-Week Session, Second 6-Week Session, and Summer Regular Session.

  • How will the tuition surcharge be reflected on the bill?  

The first monthly billing statement for the Fall 2023 semester will be issued the first week of August, which is before students can enroll in more than 19 credits. The majority of students enrolling in more than 19 credits will see the tuition surcharges on their September billing statement. 

  • Will the tuition surcharge apply to audited courses?   

Yes, the tuition surcharge will apply to audited courses if overall credits exceed 19. 

  • Will the tuition surcharge be adjusted if a student withdraws or drops a course?   

Adjustments will be made according to the Tuition Adjustment Schedule

  •  Will tuition discounts be applied to the new tuition surcharge (i.e., employee discount, waivers, etc.)? 

 Yes, students are still eligible for these discounts; the discounted surcharge will be reflected in the overall costs.  

  • Are there any exceptions?  

Non-credit courses (LPN, Golf Course Turfgrass Management, Career Studies) will not be assessed a surcharge. 

  • If I cannot afford the extra credits, will this delay my graduation, or extend my time at Penn State?  

Students are encouraged to talk to their academic adviser and a financial aid adviser from the Office of Student Aid in order to best plan for their specific circumstances.  

  • Will the Tuition Calculator be updated to reflect the tuition surcharge?  

Yes, the Tuition Calculator has been updated to reflect this change so that students can anticipate actual charges. 

  • How can/will I pay for the surcharge on the additional credits? 

The additional expenses are a student’s responsibility and will appear in their student account statement. Students should plan to discuss their specific situation with a financial aid adviser from the Office of Student Aid

  • My aid has already been processed. How do I pay for the extra charge?  

Students should plan to discuss their specific situation with a financial aid adviser from the Office of Student Aid to review their aid packages. 

  • If my program covers tuition, will the surcharge also be covered?   

 Please refer to your program eligibility guidelines. 

  • Was the tuition surcharge proposal reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees with the Fall rates?  

Yes, the tuition surcharge was reviewed/approved by the Board of Trustees, at the July 2023 meeting.