Tuition is assessed based on a student's resident or non-resident status, campus location, level (associate, lower, upper, or graduate), major (in some cases), and credit load. For undergraduate students, tuition is charged per credit up to 12 credits. Students taking 12 – 19 credits will be charged a flat tuition rate. Undergraduate students taking more than 19 credits will be charged the flat tuition rate plus the regular per credit hour rate for each credit above 19. College of Medicine medical students will be assessed the full-time flat rate for any semester that exceeds 8 credits.

The  Board of Trustees approves the tuition rates and mandatory fees for the academic year in July.

Tuition and fees rates apply regardless of the instructional mode (that is, whether in-person or otherwise) and will not be refunded in the event the instructional mode changes during the Academic Year.