Residency Appeals

How to Submit a Residency Appeal

According to Penn State's Residency Policy, "A student requesting reclassification as a Pennsylvania resident for tuition purposes must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that his or her domicile is in Pennsylvania and that his/her presence in Pennsylvania is not primarily for educational purposes."

Residency appeals must be made by mail or fax to the Residency Appeal Officer. Read below for required documentation and further information.

Required Documentation

The following documentation must be submitted with all residency appeals. Submit the student's information if the student is over 23, married, or independent of his/her parents. Submit the parents' information if the student is under age 24, single, and a dependent of his/her parents.

  1. A formal letter written by the student requesting a review of his/her residency status and explaining why he/she should be considered a Pennsylvania resident for tuition purposes. The letter should explain the reason for the change in the student's residence (i.e. a parent changed jobs and relocated to Pennsylvania). The letter should be signed by the student and include his/her student ID number and permanent address.
  2. Documentation of the student's United States citizenship status, i.e. copy of a birth certificate, passport, green card or official Immigration and Naturalization Service stamp (I-551), or certificate of citizenship or naturalization.
  3. A complete copy of the registered deed or current, signed lease to the permanent domicile in Pennsylvania. A copy of the deed to the home may be obtained from the county court house. If the residence is leased/rented, the landlord should provide a lease. Depending on the term of the lease, more than one lease may have to be submitted to cover the last twelve (12) months.
  4. A copy of the real estate listing or sales agreement to the previous domicile in the previous state of residence, if applicable.
  5. A copy of the Pennsylvania driver's license.
  6. A complete, signed copy of the most recent Pennsylvania Income Tax Return and Federal Income Tax Return.
  7. If the student is independent of his/her parents and under age 24, a notarized statement from his/her parents verifying they do not claim the student as a dependent on their income taxes.
  8. A formal letter from the employer on their letterhead verifying full-time employment, date of hire or transfer, and the withholding of Pennsylvania income tax, if the change in domicile is due to a job relocation or offer of employment.
  9. A copy of a recent pay stub, if prior year taxes were filed as a non-Pennsylvania resident.
  10. If you (or your parent, if a dependent) are presently in the military and stationed in Pennsylvania, submit your Active Duty Military Orders. If you (or your parent, if a dependent), are stationed outside of Pennsylvania, but have maintained Pennsylvania residency, submit your current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). If you (or your parent, if a dependent) have been discharged from the military, submit your DD-214.
  11. Effective summer 2015, all eligible veterans and dependents receiving Chapter 33, Chapter 35 or Fry Scholarship benefits will be eligible for in-state tuition regardless of residency. If you are a veteran and you are not using GI Bill® benefits, please contact your campus Certifying Official to determine requirements to establish eligibility for the in-state rate.

Please note that this information, standing alone, does not constitute sufficient evidence to affect residency classification. Additional information may be required to determine residency status for tuition purposes.

Once the residency appeal documentation has been received, the student will receive an email confirmation sent to the student’s Penn State email address. If more information is needed, the student will be notified by letter. If no additional information is needed, and all of the above information has been properly submitted to the Residency Appeal Officer, the student will receive a written decision regarding the request for Pennsylvania residency for tuition purposes within four to six weeks mailed to the address listed within the appeal.

If the student does not submit all of the documentation listed above, the appeal will be denied or delayed until all of the information is submitted.

Complete Residency Policy

Before submitting an appeal, please review the following:

Please contact the Residency Appeal Officer by selecting Contact Us or calling 814-865-6528 if you require additional assistance.

Please mail or fax your appeal to:

Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Residency Appeal Officer H157
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
The Pennsylvania State University
PO Box 850
Hershey, PA 17033
717-531-5481 (fax)

University Park and All Other Campus Locations

Residency Appeal Officer
Office of the Bursar
The Pennsylvania State University
103 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16802
814-865-2979 (fax)