Should I receive a discount because my mother/father or spouse is employed at Penn State?

Yes, eligible spouses and dependent children up to the age of 26 are eligible to receive a tuition discount of 75% of the Pennsylvania in-state tuition cost, as outlined in Policy HR37.  Penn State Human Resources now offers a fully automated tuition discount process for eligible spouses and dependent children beginning with the fall 2021 semester.  The only action required is to ensure that your dependents’ Social Security Number is entered into Workday AND that the dependent has entered their Social Security Number at   For additional information visit:

Once all the information is processed by the Employee Benefits office, the staff discount will appear on your student account. The 75% deduction will only be applied to the tuition. The staff discount cannot be applied to room and board charges, and Student Fee (Student Initiated Fee).

Grant-in-aid will NOT be applied retroactively to previous semesters. If you have additional questions, please contact the Employee Benefits office at 814-865-1473.