Should I receive a discount because my mother/father or spouse is employed at Penn State?

Yes, the employee must submit a "Dependent Grant-In-Aid Form" to the Employee Benefits office to receive the discount. The Dependent Grant-In-Aid online form must be completed prior to EACH semester or summer session in which the Grant-In Aid is to be applied for a dependent and/or spouse.  For additional information, including the Grant-in-Aid application submissions schedule, visit:

Once approved by the Employee Benefits office, the staff discount will appear on your tuition bill. The 75% deduction will only be applied to the tuition. The staff discount cannot be applied to room and board charges, Information Technology Fee, and Student Fee (Student Initiated Fee).

Grant-in-aid will NOT be applied retroactively to previous semesters. If you have additional questions, please contact the Employee Benefits office at 814-865-1473.