If my petition is denied, can I appeal the decision?

Yes. A written request should be made to the University Appeals Committee on Residence Classification. You may submit additional documentation with your request for appeal, but the Committee will get a copy of your residency case file from the Residency Officer, so there is no need to resend any information previously submitted.

The student is notified in writing of the Committee's decision.

If you wish to be present at the Committee meeting, please indicate this in your letter, so that you may be notified of the meeting time and date. It is not necessary to attend the meeting in person, but if you do attend, you will have the opportunity to verbally present your reasons for believing you should be granted in-state residency. A decision is NOT made while you are present. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY THE STUDENT MAY MEET WITH THE COMMITTEE. Parents, other parties, advocates or representatives are not permitted to attend.

This committee meets every other month. Therefore, if your initial petition is denied, it is advantageous to submit the petition for appeal as soon as possible