How does Authorized Payer work for parents with multiple students at Penn State?

If you have more than one student at Penn State, regardless of campus, you can easily link your students' accounts. However, each student will need to create a separate and unique login ID (Authorized User) for you, and you will receive separate temporary passwords for each student.

We recommend that you log in to each student account separately prior to linking the accounts. To link multiple student accounts:

1. Make sure that your pop-up blockers are disabled. LionPATH uses pop-up functionality

2. Go to, then select "Authorized Payer Access".

3. Click on the "Authorized Payer Login" button, then use your Authorized Payer User ID and password provided for one of your student's accounts.

4. Go to the "Student Links" section on the account dashboard, which will display the name of the student you are currently viewing.

5. Select "Add New" to link another student account. You will need to enter the Authorized User login ID and password for that student's account.

6. The "Student Links" section in the account dashboard will show the names of the linked accounts. Click on the student's name to transfer between accounts without having to log out and then back into the system.

For detailed instructions on Authorized Payer access, visit the online tutorial at: