How do I claim a 529 Tuition payment?

These instructions are for all 529 programs except the Pennsylvania Guaranteed Savings Plan. If you have a Pennsylvania Guaranteed Savings Plan 529, please see "How do I claim a PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan tuition payment?"

Student Instructions

  1. After you receive an e-mail notification that your billing statement is available, log in to your Student Home Base in LionPATH
  2. Click on "My Finances" on top of the page
  3. Select "Manage My Account/Make A Payment"
  4. Select "View" or "Download" in the "Your Statements" section.
  5. Print a copy of the billing statement to submit to your 529 plan if necessary. Print any additional copies of the billing statement if needed.

The 529 payment, as well as any additional personal payment being made by other means, must be received by the statement due date in order to avoid any late fees.

Penn State cannot request funds from a 529 plan on behalf of the account owner/student, Therefore, please DO NOT mail your Payment Authorization Form (PAF) or PAF copies to Penn State.

If you have a Texas Tomorrow, Michigan Education Trust (MET), College Illinois!, South Carolina Tuition Prepayment Program (SCTPP), Kentucky’s Affordable Prepaid Tuition (KAPT), or Alabama Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program (PACT) plan, please select the "Contact Us" link to let us know about your expected 529 payment amount.

Your 529 payment(s) can be mailed to:

Penn State University
Office of the Bursar
103 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16802

This mailing address is also listed on your tuition bill as well as on our website at Please include your Penn State Student ID number and your full name with your 529 payment(s).