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Studying Abroad this Semester?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Education Abroad Office works with students planning to study abroad in Penn State approved programs.

Students studying abroad on Penn State approved programs remain registered at the University during their time overseas. Their study abroad charges will be included in their student account statement and billed through LionPATH during the regular billing timeline and observing the regular billing due dates for the semester of study. Summer billing will begin the first week of May.

For more information about the Student Account Statement and billing due dates, please go to .

What will you see on your Student Account Statement?

  • Semester Tuition – students remain enrolled at Penn State and earn Penn State credits while abroad
  • Information Technology Fee
  • Education Abroad Program Fee
  • Education Abroad Administrative Fee

For more details on the Education Abroad Program and Administrative Fees, go to

What is the breakdown of the Study Abroad Program Fees?

The programs offered through Education Abroad vary in cost, depending on the features of the program, geographic location, length, inclusions in the program such as excursions and cultural activities, and the level of on-site support.  The Education Abroad office provides budget sheets for all programs in order to help students and their families. To view the budget sheets go to

For questions or information on a particular study abroad program, please contact the Education Abroad office at: