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Spring 2020 Billing

Monday, December 9, 2019

***Spring billing will begin in January***

The first billing of the spring semestre will be issued the first week of January with a due date of January 22, 2020.

What's New?

EFFECTIVE SPRING 2020: Penn State will eliminate the Information Technology Fee as a separate line item on the student bill and instead incorporate the fee as part of the tuition rate. This action has not impacted overall cost. Click here for more information.

How will the technology fee be calculated?

  • Students will see the tuition charge rise in the same amount as the technology fee.
  • The technology fee is charged according to the number of credits in which the student is enrolled immediately prior to the first day of the semester.
  • This change will simplify the student billing statement.

Why is this change being implemented?

  • The IT Fee was introduced about 30 years ago when the University needed a dedicated source of revenue to fund the emerging computer technology.
  • Today the infrastructure supported by the IT Fee is an integral part to the operations of the University as any other cost supported by tuition.
  • Eliminating the IT Fee as a separate charge on the billing statement has been under consideration for years.
  • This change will not impact computer and technology-related services for students.


For more information, please click here.


Office of the Bursar